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Junon.io is a co-operative survival game for space stations with the goal of building and defend your space station against an evil Empire. It begins by mining asteroids for minerals and then you need to ensure you have enough oxygen, food, water and fuel to live. In the end, you'll be able to automatize production processes, from farming, slaughtering corpses, and replenishing ammo in turrets. Do you like a co-op game such as this?

Junon.io is a co-op Space-Station Building Game. You're stranded on an asteroid and require oxygen, food and stamina to live. You have to work with other players in gathering various resources (ores,fuel,water,oxygen,power), but you can also hire bots/slaves to do tasks for you (cleaning dirty floors, butchering corpses, farming, harvesting, turret ammo refill). In addition, the enemy will make raids on you every 3 days therefore you must ensure that your defenses are in place to withstand the attack.

Game Controls

[W][A][S][D] - to move
[Number keys] - change equip
[Space] - use current equip
[C] - craft
[I] - inventory
[R] - rotate
[E] - interact
[M] - map
[P] - colony

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