Last Mage Standing

Last Mage Standing is a fun battle royale game that has a an imaginative twist. The graphics in 2D and top-down gaming are amazing. In this game that is multiplayer you'll have to battle hundreds of players from all over the globe.

Select a character that best suits your style of play and then unleash the fury of your opponents by casting different spells, and using some fantastic weapons. Action is extremely fast, and the battle royale game is fun with the fantastical setting!

You can battle solo or with your friends in a range of PvP and PvE modes for short three-minute rounds. Build and upgrade your roster of Guardians and combine them with the power of mechanical and magical magic to dominate the day!

You can choose a variety of abilities that you can use in battle, from creatures, magic spells and even buildings and weapons. Select your skills wisely so that they fit your Guardian, your playing style and game style.
You can earn rewards by being the player with the highest rank in the leaderboards. The competition is fierce however, the rewards are substantial!
Form Allies
Form an alliance over the long-term together with your fellow players. fight with each other, and reap more rewards.
COLLECT and upgrade
Play as one of more than 12 Guardians. Some are well-known, like the Wizard as well as the Warrior and the Rogue and the Archer Some are interesting like the Falconer as well as the Ice Princess, the Poisonous Tracker and the Reaper and more. Each Guardian comes with unique capabilities and attacks. They can also be leveled and outfitted with stunning skins.

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