Little Big Snake

The popularity of multiplayer io games began with games like and which is fact is the "father" of Little Big Snake game which is featured at this page. Games about snakes became very popular nowadays because of the awesome and simple gameplay and addiction of people to them. There are a lot of different versions of snake games today but all of them seem to be very similar to each other - some have a better skins for the characters while others just change background of the main arena and say that it is absolutely new game. Compared to all of them, I can say for sure that Little Big Snake is something different, something more interesting which has a fresh ideas and awesome gameplay. You can enjoy the game at this page and find out what makes this game so special.

In Little Big Snake you control a snake which has to find food to grow and level-up. That's the common storyline for all other snake games but here you will find a lot of different creatures, some of them are managed by AI while others are real players. Let me explain more - when you die in this game, you have a choice - respawn being a snake but at a lower level or continue playing but being a small bug which can fly over the arena and collect food. I think that's something new in this category of games and there is no other snake game where your character can change so dramatically.

The rules of this game are simple - you have to eat gems or kill other players to grow faster. The main rule is that should avoid hitting anything on your way with your head - if you do so, you will die. When fighting with other players, you should make them hit you by making a speed boost and turning just before their head, so they won't have any space to turn left or right. This may seem a big difficult task but believe me, 10 minutes of practice and you will become a great player. Enjoy the full version of Little Big Snake for free at our website.

Little Big Snake
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