Starblast Io

Starblast io is one of those online games which have a lot of different options, various game modes and just need a lot of time to understand the basic rules of the game and all upgrade options to succeed. If you have enough time to understand all of them, you will spend awesome time playing this game but for most people this game is too difficult. The actions of this game take us to the space where the players are divided into teams and have to fight with each other to survive. Even though that there are several game modes available, all of them have one thing in common - you should become a commander of spaceship and take down your opponents. The game is available only in multiplayer mode and this means that you will be fighting against real people all around the world who joined the server.

There are 4 basic games modes in Starblast : Team mode, survival mode, invasion, pro deathmatch. For newbie players it is always better to start with the team mode because your teammates will back you up in fight and give you some time to understand the basic physics of the game. Keep in mind that earning gems is very important in this game, because they give you power to upgrade your spaceship. As soon as you gethered the needed ammound of gems, you will notice an upgrade notice. The basic upgrades for your spaceship are :
Shield capacity
Shield regeneration
Energy capacity
Energy regeneration
Laser damage
Weapon speed
Ship speed
Ship agility

You should use all those upgrades wisely according to your strategy. For example some players upgrade one option to the max and leave others on stock options, it is mistake. You should try to upgrade all of them to get a strong spaceship. There are so many different options in this game which you will definitely find out on your own because it is time to play now, see you on the server, fighting with or against you.

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