Taming io

Taming io is a unique game according to many factors, including the huge tree of upgrades for the characters and weapons, variety of animals and building that you can place. In addition to the multiplayer mode this game is one of the best survival games today and I am happy that you can now enjoy this game at our website. Before starting to play it, you must understand the basic rules of the game because it is pretty difficult game with a lot of different options and modes. Most people fail to understand it and then say that this game is not interesting but the growing popularity says that this game is worth trying.

The world of Taming.io is really huge and you can do a lot of different things in this game. Your primary mission is to survive and level-up and the magic animals which you can notice on the arena can help you - you can tame them to become your defenders. You can even make fights between your tamed animals and wild animals. All those creatures differ from each other - some of them will try to kill you while others will run away and hide. You can even catch the insects if you upgrade your weapons.

Don't forget about other players in this game - they will definitely try to kill you if you are not in their team. You can build an alliance with other players to build a strong and secure base together and fight enemies. The resources which you have to gether are very important to grow stronger and level-up. Every time you level up you are suggested to choose a new weapon. Your character can carry one primary and several secondary weapons so choose them wisely. Taming io is a game which you try just because it is on the leaderboard on gaming websites but it turns out to be your favorite game for many hours. Enjoy the full version of Taming as well as other multiplayer games at our website.

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