Warbot io

Warbot io is a modern multiplayer online game where you have to become a powerful robot and fight with enemies to dominate the area. The graphics of the game is very good and in addition to the various game modes, huge number of weapons and various upgrades, it is one of the best arena fighting games of the world. The game is now available at our website so you can always play it for free.

At the beginning of the game you will be asked to create a free account. You can also play as a guest but I recommend you to create an account so you can store there your gaming progress and unlocked perks. The gameplay is pretty simple - you control a robot which has to secure the territory and eliminate all other robots in the area. You have to collect the level-ups to make your robot stronger and get some new perks.

Why I Love Warbot io ?

It has a lot of different robot models which look very realistic.
The huge number of power-ups make this game even more interesting.
Realistic 3D graphics makes you feel like you are playing a nice video game on your PlayStation.
Variety of different game modes to choose from.
Availability on all devices - you can enjoy the game both on your PC and smartphones.

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