Fly Or Die (io)

✔ The original name of the game - Fly Or Die was later changed to Evoworld. Everything else is still the same : you have to survive in a world full of various creatures.

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Fly Or Die : A Multiplayer Survival Game

Fly Or Die

Fly Or Die is a game which is pretty unique today and provide an outstanding gaming experience for those who love playing multiplayer survival games. Even though that the game was created not so long ago, it already has a huge army of supporters and just people who play it every day.

The main idea of Fly Or Die game is evolution of creatures - you start the game with a small fly and have to survive in the world of predators. If you are fast enough, you can achieve success and go higher on the tree of evolution. Keep in mind that at the beginning of the game your character can't kill anyone but can become a part of someone elses diet. The game is pretty big, I mean it has a lot of different characters and you will definitely have awesome time playing it at our website. The original name of the game was later changed to Evoworld, so don't get confused when you see it - it is still the original game with original tree of upgrades.

How To Play The Game

The gameplay is pretty simple but there are several rules which you must keep in mind if you want to achieve success in this game. When you start the game, you have to find some food to level-up. You can eat only the items marked with green circle. The items or creatures with red circle will definitely kill you. Finding the food is not the only obstacle you will face in this game - just like any other creatures, here your character need water to survive. Even though that there is plenty of water, you have to fly to find it - your enemies will try to use it and kill you so be very careful. If you are smart enough to reach the powerful creatures, you can start hunting on your own - the smaller players will become a part of your diet. Don't forget that even when you are a strong creature, there might be a creature stronger than you so be careful.

About Evolution & Characters

Characters Evolution In Fly Or Die

In fact, the variety of different characters and upgrades is the main reason why this game is so popular. When most other multiplayer games have a simple tree of updates when the character just becomes bigger or stronger with the higher level, in Fly Or Die when you level-up you get an absolutely new character with new skills and new diet - the food which was suitable before can now poison you so the biggest race of evolution begins. Just imagine, there are more than 40 different characters in this game and I can't name any other online game with such a rich tree of upgrades.

The basic rules to reach a high level in this game are :

- Move all the time because when you stay in once place for too long you can become someones food.
- Each character has special skills - try to use them to get advantage over enemies.
- When you are small enough, you can hide in the clouds and no one can kill you.
- Drink water to survive
- Eat as much food as you can find, it is the key factor to grow bigger.

The game is available on both PC and smartphones and you can play it for free on platform which is more suitable for you. As for me, playing the game in browser on pc gives you some advantages - the bigger screen can help you to find food faster and also spot the predator who is hunting nearby. There are no additional software required to play the game online with hundreds of real people all around the world and you can even play without creating an account in the game. Our website is a place where you can enjoy the latest edition of Fly Or Die game for free.

About Recent Updates Of The Game

You might know that the game has a new name in addition to the hundreds of bug fixes and interesting new features that the developers made for us. Most people noticed that the graphics of the game became much better and the movement of the characters look better. That's one of the major update to this game ever made before. In addition to this, the developers added some new characters and creatures so you might find them in the game. As a result of moving to a powerful server there are not lags in the game, you can join the server and play with hundreds of real people all around the world in multiplayer mode.

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