LolShot io is a multiplayer game for free .io FPS game online. It's true, you can play it online. no download needed. Invite friends to play along with your friends in this skill-based competitive first-person shooter with a lot of aerial action. Earn points for amazing combinations: knock other players out of the arena, execute mid-air kills, and teleport through portals to attack players. #How to play With the arsenal of eight crazy weaponry to learn, run and fly through exciting and vibrant arenas searching down your opponents in deathmatch mode. You can play against the best of 16 other players. The simple kills won't be enough to win. You must perform the most creative and spectacular ones to earn extra points and get the top score at when you've finished the game.

A frantic game is enhanced by the ability to jump effortlessly, use teleportation, jump high into the air using a flamethrower and rain down destruction from the sky and leaping over obstacles with strong jump pads. Know the maps and the best places to find bonuses and weapons, many come with special features such as the Lifegun Ray is a ray that simulates an opponent, and it is your only method to replenish your health. The flamethrower also functions as an in-car thruster that can be carried around, as well as Magic Milk gives you a Magic Milk gives you a three-point damage reward for a short duration.

Controls -
Motion Controls: W, A, S D - Shoot LMB Jump to Space or RMB Switch weapons either using the mouse or 1,2,3...8 Chat Return - Settings: ESC Reload by selecting weapons

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