Snowball io

Snowball io is an addictive online multiplayer game which is available on all platforms, including Android and iOS smartphones.You can also enjoy this game online at this game. It is an arena fighting game where you control a small vehicle that can make a big snow balls and throw it into your enemies. Even though that the game is a big laggy, hundreds of people enjoy it every day so you will always find a crowded server and enjoy the awesome gameplay.

The rules of the Snowball are simple - you have to stay in the ice platform to win. At the beginning of the game the arena is rather big and full of players. They are throwing the snowballs into each others. The bigger your snowball is - the more power it will use to throw your opponent down. You will notice that the ice platform begins to break down after a while, and this means that the are where you can move safely is getting smaller. The winner of the game is the last player who survived in this ice challenge.

The gameplay is also very simple - you hit the mouse button to accumulate the snow - the longer you hold it, the bigger it will become. When you release the mouse button, your character will throw snowball in the specific direction. Then you can start to acummulate a new one. It is up to you and your strategy how to fight - make small snowballs and throw them faster or take time and make a giant one to kick your opponent off the board. Enjoy the full version of for free.

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