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If you're a fan of tanks, wars and Battle royale multiplayer games and battle royale games, then STUG io is the ideal challenge for you. STUG is a brand-new multiplayer game where you will be able to engage in exciting combat against an array of players across the globe! In the beginning, you need to complete a brief training that will help you become familiar with all the basic game mechanics each tank needs to know before heading to the field! Because the armor on the front of the tank is very thick, it is advised to target the areas that are most vulnerable such as roads, engines and the tank of fuel that is behind the tank.

How do I participate in the game STUG?

We suggest you sign-up to save your progress within the game prior to starting. You can change the look of the tank within the hangar as well and test its capabilities at the test site that is near by. In various countries, including those of the United States and the Soviet Union You will be able to access various areas of development for tanks. Team fighting and capturing points can be two of the most interesting game modes to test out. The use of aerial bombardment, the setting of fencing, and using the anti-tank weapons are the alternatives. Use the ricochet effect of the walls to strike the enemies who were hiding behind the wall by shooting them with your guns. Expand the tools you own that allow you to easily make holes in your body and carry on the battle. Improve your rank to unlock different types of armoured vehicles, and also to be in the first position on the list of overall ranking by making use of these powerful tanks.

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